Auctioneer Links

These three auctioneers do auctions at carnival glass conventions, either live or online. Bidding at online auctions is fun, but each auctioneer may have his/her own way to do it. Figure out how to do it and you can get some great glass. Do not be afraid to bid because you have never been to an auction before. You do need to have a plan as to what you are willing to spend. It is easy to get caried away. 

Tom Burns Auction Service

Seeck Auctions

Matthew Wroda Auctions

Learning Tools

These are places  where you can find good information about carnival glass. The pricing database can be useful to find what a piece of carnival glass has sold for. It is easy to use and you can always ask someone to help you. 

Carnival Glass 101

Carnival Glass Miniatures and Novelties

Hooked on Carnival

Hooked on Carnival Pricing Database


Contemporary Carnival Glass