Great Lakes Carnival Glass Club Glass Bash

Glass Bash 2018

Our  2018 Great Lakes Carnival Glass Club Glass Bash was successful and a lot of fun. There were great educational seminars. Suzanne discussed "Mother in the Kitchen" figurines with great examples. It is always interesting to hear about something  our members collect that is not carnival glass. We had a fantastic Carnival Glass Vase Display. Galen and Kathi discussed how to use the Hooked on Carnival Pricing Database using the vases as examples. Thanks Wally for bringing together so many amazing vases. The banquet seminar was about Stretch Glass. There was a great display of Stretch Glass presented by Cal Hackeman. The banquet food was delicious. Room displays were well done with many members participating. Of course, the hospitality room was a huge success. We cannot thank Karen and  her helpers enough for all they do to set this up and keep it well supplied. If you were hungry, there was a variety of food and snacks. You would not leave hungry. If you wanted to play cards, you could join the large group that is always there in the eveniing, sometimes quite late. Some just preferred to sit and chat. Carnival glass was often the topic of these discussions. The convention ended on Saturday with a fine auction of carnival glass by Tom & Debra Burns.

The Glass Bash would not be so successful without the individuals who help to plan, organize and work at the convention. A big thanks to all who helped and to everyone that attended. Carnival glass people are a great group of friends. 

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